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Tinghai Ou

PhD Student
Physical Geography







University of Gothenburg
Department of Earth Sciences
PO Box 460
SE-405 30 Göteborg, Sweden

Tel: +46-31-786 26 95
Fax: +46-31-786 19 86
E-mail: tinghai.ou[at]gu.se



The project I’m working with aims to understand the historic variation in extreme climate events and possible influence factors which may lead to changes in extreme events in China.
Historic variation of point and regional extreme climate events will be studied by using daily meteorological precipitation and temperature data, as well as related gridded data sets. The connection between circulation and extreme events will be studied. Reanalyzed data and model simulation will additionally be used to understand and evaluate the causes behind the alteration in recent extreme events.


Tang, L., D. Chen, P.E. Karlsson, Y. Gu, T. Ou, 2009: Synoptic circulation and its influence on spring and summer surface ozone concentrations in southern Sweden, Boreal Env. Res., (in press).

Ou TH , Qian WH,2006: Vegetation variations along the monsoon boundary zone in East Asia. Chinese Journal of Geophysics., 49(3): 698-705.

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